Working with Pavercotton

Pavercotton is a 100% cotton fibre. You can immerse it in Paverpol and in this way create hair for your statue.


Pavercotton is the perfect material to make hair for your Paverpol artwork and statues. Dip the Pavercotton in the Paverpol and squeezed well. It can be used to add hair/wigs to a Paverpol figurine or statue. It can also be used to make creative dishes and other home decor items. Cover a dish with cling film and put Pavercotton tuffs dipped in Paverpol on one side of the cling film. The dish is only to be used as a mould and will not be damaged. After it has dried and hardened (for at least one week) you can take the dish off. The side that was covered by plastic will still need to dry. You have to be patient for this, but if you are, you will end up with a unique cotton dish that can for example be used as a creative fruit bowl.


Pavercotton is available in bags of 30 grams.

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