Working with Pavercolor

Pavercolor is a special color powder that you can mix with Paverpol. With this you can give Paverpol the color you want. A white piece of textile soaked in the Paverpol gives you your own favorite color. The colors are mutually miscible. 


Mix Pavercolor with some water before adding it to Paverpol. This prevents clumping. 

Brush technique 

The luster of the Paverpol metal colors can be enhanced by brushing the dry workpiece with Pavercolor metal color mixed with Josefine satin varnish.

Make your own paint! 

All Pavercolors can be mixed with Josefine varnishes; with this you make your own paint.This paint is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Various colors 

Make your choice! We have 30 different colors of Pavercolor. 

Need guidance?

Book a workshop or follow a Paverpol training!
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