Working with Pavercolor

Pavercolor is a special colour powder to be mixed with Paverpol to change the transparent Paverpol into your favorite colour. Mix Pavercolor with some water before you add it to Paverpol. This prevents it from becoming lumpy.

Pavercolor metal colors will loose their luster when mixed with Paverpol. The luster can be retained by brushing the dried piece of work with the Pavercolor metal color mixed with Josefine varnish.
All Pavercolors can be simply mixed with water to create water paint. However this paint can only be used for indoor pieces of work.

For outdoor objects (i.e. garden ornaments, garden sculpture) you can mix Pavercolors with Josefine varnish. It then becomes a proper outdoor paint that can be used for painting, brushing and adding patinas.

Pavercolor is available in 30 colors.