Turn your hobby into an extra way of income

By giving Pavepol workshops you can turn your hobby into some extra earnings.

Everyone has to be careful with their money these days. A nice little extra income will therefore be welcome to many.
Ever thought of giving a workshop? You can, and without big investments!

In this time of economizing, many people will appreciate a Paverpol workhop, because Paverpol is a product that can be combined with cheap materials. That is why there are countless ways to organize different Paverpol workshops.
It is possible for beginners to make a garden statue out of Paverpol and an old T-shirt.
Things you need: Paverpol, an old T-shirt, aluminium foil and a piece of electrical wire. No expensive materials! If you want to dress a larger figure, old children’s clothes can also be used. Other cheap materials that can be used are: sawdust, paper, wood chips, beads, shells, dried flowers, sand, etc. They can used, e.g. on canvas. Items from thrift shops, second hand markets, or your own attic/shed, get a second life!
For the training schedule go to the page Workshops 2014.