Paverpol Wire Art Sculpture - Books

Dear Artist,

As an artist myself, I recognize the desire to create. You could read the motivation in my eyes if you were here.
Are you like that? If so, you probably can't wait to go about the exciting ideas that are going in your own mind – and begin creating your own art and craft.

But how to get started making art and craft?
I wrote my books with you in mind
, sharing my experience, techniques skills, and hobby tips to get you on the road and keep you on track. These are not just hobby books – they will help you realize your inner artist and give you the confidence to make your own art and craft.

So, what is creativity and how does it motivate you?
Creativity is about expressing yourself. The desire to create something with your heart and soul. Creativity is not solely about having a hobby and taking hobby classes, it's an urge! Believe me, I know how it feels, and I know how you feel.
I also know that you will have a lot more confidence when you posess the required knowledge to start making a sculpture, creating a garden statue or some figurines. In my books, I explain step by step how it all works. With clear images and descriptions. That will make you feel more confident to explore the beautiful art of creating with Paverpol – a textile-hardener and so much more!

I wish you many hours of 'art pleasure'. Available for purchase via online shopping - order my books here!

Jossy de Roode
Paverpol artist - author - coach-